How to stay fit over 70?

Posted on May 6, 2009


The answer to this one is easy. Just take a look at this amazing picture of Vanda Scaravelli:

Pure Inspiration

Pure Inspiration

As far as I know Vanda continued teaching into her 90s, remaing an inspiration to all of us, young or old.

I have taught many classes specifically for seniors, slowing down the pace, using more props, modifying the poses, but just recently a lady in her 70s, unexpectedly joined a regular Hatha class of mine and I was a bit apprehensive, without saying anything of course. I kept a close eye on her for the first hour just to make sure that the pace wasn’t too much for her.

Now the interesting thing is that this lady is not exceptional for her age but she really has managed to surprise us by demonstrating what someone in their 70s with the right attitude can achieve. Yes Sun Salutations are challenging for her but she manages them in her own way and has also found specific poses that she is unusually strong in.

After the first class we chatted for a while and discussed classes for seniors but the truth is that I think a seniors class would be too slow for her now that she has experienced a regular class at a regular pace. It has me wondering if the slow pace I have followed on courses for seniors hasn’t been dictated by the expectations and perhaps self-limiting view that we develop as we see see our bodies grow to longevity.

I’m still not sure I would change how I teach a class specifically for seniors, but I have no hesitation now in inviting an older person to join a standard adult Hatha Yoga class.

This little bit of local inspiration took place in the Gorey Yoga Studio.

If you are curious about yoga and wondering if it might suit you or an elderly friend or relative, why don’t you give us a call on 086 408 2428 or send an email to – we’d love to hear from you and help you choose the kind of yoga that’s right for you.



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